Health Campaigns

Health Campaigns

The main aim of HNF is to improve the health conditions of citizens in Nepal who are poor, living in remote and/or conflict affected areas by developing ways to bring qualified health care workers into villages, to build health posts/ hospitals for local communities, and to teach members about wellness.

There is a drastic shortage of qualified health workers, health facilities and supplies in Nepal. In addition, the mountainous terrain, the long distances, and the extremely limited road network makes accessing adequate health care almost impossible for hundreds of thousands of people.

Though health is the basic and fundamental need of every citizen, the government in Nepal has failed to provide basic health service to each citizen. According to the published data, the following shows current health conditions in Nepal:

  • Average life expectancy of Nepal is only 63 years.
  • One in 16 Children die before their 5th Birthday.
  • Half of all children are malnourished.
  • Women are 40 times more likely to die in childbirth than developed nations.

Himalayan Nepal Foundation aims to improve the health condition of Nepal by encouraging many local sectors and the governmental sectors to work together. HNF plans to organize health related camps, seminars, and different awareness campaigns in local communities.

HNF is particularly concerned with the lack of health care and development in the Lalitpur district (one of the working areas of Nepal). The southern area of Lalitpur is not equipped with general treatment facilities for patients. As a result, many pregnant women die during delivery due to the lack of doctors, nurses, and basic medical treatments. Many people die prematurely due to the lack of hospitals and health care. Lalitpur is one area affected by injuries incurred during the 12-year civil conflict. So, HNF is organizing to go into these areas to improve health care opportunities in order to provide citizens with a better quality of life by:

  • Offering awareness programs aimed to show residents the importance of basic healthcare
  • Providing health camp/mobile facilities to provide aid by bringing in qualified doctors and nurses to diagnose and treat individuals in the community.