Himalayan Nepal Foundation (HNF) is the culmination of a collaboration between a committed group of socially conscious professionals, businessmen, lawyers, journalists, teachers and social workers to fulfill the basic, emotional, economic and physical needs of Nepali children, youths, adults and elders (senior citizens). Himalayan Nepal Foundation:

  • Is a solely non-profit social development organization registered in Office of the Company Registrar, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Government of Nepal under Company Act 2063 with registration No. 154/056/066.
  • Himalayan Nepal Foundation’s Central Office is based in Satdobato, Lalitpur.
  • Himalayan Nepal Foundation (HNF) envisions a peaceful Nepali Society where all children, youth, adults and elders are assured a better life with all the basic needs, which enables them to live fully in love, peace and harmony with each other.
  • After a decade of civil conflict, there are thousands suffering. A specific focus is on children without parents, or children living with a single guardian or disabled parents resulting in both physical and psychological trauma. In addition, this group has no access to education or basic healthcare.

As residents of Nepal, we know that Nepali society is in need because problems are increasing due to the growth in population, rise in poverty, poor pollution, social evil spirits, unstable political climate, and other problems. In order to create a peaceful and healthy society these problems need to be addressed and since these issues are inter-related they must be viewed both collectively and individually in order to find sustainable solutions. Himalayan Nepal Foundation aims to build up equity among people in itsโ€™ society with love and support.

Himalayan Nepal Foundation also aims to :

  • Increase awareness of Nepalese issues to the International community.
  • Empower poor and marginalized communities mobilizing them with both practical and emotional care.
  • Create partnerships with individuals, local groups, governments, national and international organizations to improve Nepali community.

This Foundation is committed to the welfare and development of society with emphasis on ethnic / indigenous groups, women (especially Indigenous and Dalit), children, and disabled individuals in rural communities by undertaking various need based and self-reliance development. These groups are more vulnerable to trafficking, forced labor or slavery like practices because they lack the access to education and training programs and have limited employment opportunities. To address these issues of social inequality and economic disparities, Himalayan Nepal Foundation aims to undertake various activities on a priority basis.