Focus on Income Generating Activities

Focus on Income Generating Activities

HNF aims to explore new opportunities to improve the livelihood of women, youth post schooling age, and adults who need assistance finding employment. Nepalese are hardworking individuals ready for work, yet lack opportunities to obtain necessary training for work in order to earn a decent wage.ย 

ย This is especially true for women from marginalized groups, conflict victims, and poor families. HNF actively seeks to connect qualified workers with the best place to apply their skills. HNF recognizes the benefit of Fair-Trade policies and seeks employers who practice them.

One way HNF is attempting to fulfill the goal of providing necessary skills is by providing training through professional and vocational courses in the following areas: cosmetology & hair styling, floriculture, advanced sewing, culinary and baking, as well as different local handicrafts etc. for women, youths, and adults.

HNF also seeks to establish a relationship with other organizations, business companies, factories, etc. for creating the opportunity of employment for Nepalese residents. Job placements are based on performance and availability of positions in different fields.

HNF seeks placement for the trained girls and women, youths in other related businesses. HNF is willing to provide seed money to start up a cottage industry and also seeks to create an environment that promotes local industries. Placing individuals in a job and providing opportunities to start their own small scale cottage industries potentially make the workers independent economically and enable them to improve the standard of living within their society.