Free Health Camp at Gimdi

Free Health Camp at Gimdi

Health Camp in the Gimdi-5 of Lalitpur was organized for the improvement of the health condition of the rural area (Gimdi and surrounding areas) and this camp has able to create baseline of the health status of that area. The income of the rural people is very low and the lack of basic facilities in that area have made them economically poor. The health camp was free considering the poor rural people. The main objective of the free health camp is to provide the health facilities to the rural community for the improvement of the health condition of rural areas.

Technical (Medical) and other supporting teams:

Medical Team: Dr. Sandip Shrewastab, Dr. Saroj Rijal, Dr. Roshan Kumar Shah, Dr. Preeti Bajracharya, Dr. Roshani Joshi, Dr. Sarah Ellen Moore, Psychologist Dr. Rajan Bist, Lab technicians; Subhash Singh and Dhansingh Ban Thakuri, Pharmacists; Shristi Lamsal and Surakshya Lamichhane and medicine distributor; Santosh Banjara

Other supporting Team: Birendra Bhandari (H.A.), Ganesh Raj Joshi (C.M.A.), Shanti Thapa Alemagar (C.M.A.), Kamal Bahadur Alemagar (C.M.A.), Indira Thapa (A.N.M.), Sushila Rai (N.M.), Radhika Dulal (office assistant) and volunteers from ward numbers 1 to 9 (Urmila Jarghamagar, Nan Kumari Parsai, Bishnumaya Bhulun, Sita Ranamagar, Sita Alemagar, Laxmi Sanjel, Sarita Sanjel, Pem Maya Bhonjan and Goma Ghimire), Aman Dangaura, Dharma Ghimire, Pushpa Dhakal, Rajani Thapa, Hari Sunuwar, Nila Shrestha, Ramesh Ghimire and Board Members of HNF.

Organized by: Himalayan Nepal Foundation

Managed by: Narayani Higher Secondary School, Gimdi-5 Lalitpur

Supported by: Greater Good Network, Royal Handicrafts Inc., Transtrip (P) Ltd., Lalitpur District Public Health Office, Lalitpur District Development Committee, Lalitpur District Education Office and other local organizations (government and non-government)

Note: Other Important contributors and participators: The representatives of Greater Good Network, USA; Tim Kunin, Clayton Harver and Michelle Schechtman. The honorary member of HNF; resident of USA; William Gregg Blyth and American organization’s Dr. Sarah Ellen Moore.

Duration of Health Camp: Health Camp was conducted in two days (January 9th and 10th, 2017)

Location of Health Camp: Narayani Higher Secondary School, Gimdi-5 Lalitpur

The two days; free health camp has provided services to 994 people (411 males and 583 females) of Gimdi and surrounding area. Health camp covered 24 wards of Lalitpur, Makwanpur and Kavre. People of wards 1 to 9 of Gimdi VDC of Lalitpur, wards 3 and 6 of Asrang VDC of Lalitpur, wards 1, 8 and 9 of Thuladurlum VDC of Lalitpur, wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 of Betini VDC of Makwanpur, wards 1 and 2 of Dhumkharka VDC of Kavre and ward 1 of Dolalghat VDC of Kavre have benefitted with the conduction of this health camp. Health camp has provided services of general checkup (general physician), child care checkup (pediatric), women’s disease checkup (gynecology), mental checkup and counselling (psychology), eye checkup (ophthalmology) and blood and others test (lab test). The medicines were distributed freely. The bus was managed during the health camp for receiving and dropping the people.

Critical cases (urgent need of treatment/operation) were noted and followed up for their treatment at hospitals of the Kathmandu under supervision of HNF.

Finally, the health camp was ended with the closing ceremony where the medical teams and others were honored with the token of love and appreciation letter. Board members of HNF, Guests from USA, teachers of Narayani H. S. School and other locals supporting have given closing remarks. Krishna Prasad Sharma; Chairperson of HNF has chaired the closing ceremony and closed the health camp with the closing statements.

Click the link below to view the snapshots of the health camp.

Photo Gallery of Free Health Camp at Gimdi